Project Profile

Project: Extensive conservation of timber huts

Location: Antarctica (!)

Client: Antarctica Heritage Trust

Shackleton and Scott huts

At the turn of the century, pioneers such as Scott and Shackleton defined the golden age of exploration. Today their original huts, still with interiors intact from their time of departure stand in Antarctica – one of the most unforgiving places on earth.


Prefabricated in England for quick construction, these ‘kit’ structures at Cape Royds and Cape Evans are on the World Monuments Watch List. Carpenter Oak & Woodland have twice supplied expert conservators to the repair of these remarkable buildings. Under the auspices of the Antarctica Heritage Trust, work was carried out during the ‘summer’ seasons – a remarkably tight window of two months when it is possible to get in and out and repairs are possible. The work was meticulous, not only in the execution of the repairs to the Shackleton and Scott Antarctic huts, but in the recording of repairs and other artifacts (including a gramophone needle!) discovered during the conservation work. More importantly, working the hours required to maximise the access in the most inhospitable environment imaginable, required not only our renowned skills but an exceptional level of passion for this unique project.