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Award-winning timber-frame conservation

We’ve helped to protect the UK’s unique heritage in oak timber-framed buildings, working on (and winning awards for) some of the nation’s highest profile oak frame conservation projects.


A ‘light touch’ approach which preserves the fabric of an oak frame, with the minimum changes required while maintaining its cultural significance.


Restoring ancient properties to a previously known state, based on clear evidence and typically using the building’s original fabric.


Providing ongoing help, to preserve and protect oak frames from decay or to address issues with the frame’s structure.

Trusted with the nation’s unique timber heritage

We’ve been responsible for oak frame conservation work on the timber frames of many important buildings around England, Scotland and Wales

Why choose Carpenter Oak & Woodland?

There are so many reasons to choose us. It might be our unequalled reputation. Perhaps our impressive track record. Or that no one understands historical oak-framed buildings quite as well as we do.

Award-winning skills
We’ve probably won more industry awards for oak-frame conservation than any other UK company, on projects both large and small, from one side of the country to the other.
Unequalled track record
Every timber-frame conservation project brings its own unique challenges. But to every client, we bring unrivalled conservation experience, gathered over many years’ successful work.
Trusted by experts
We’re often specifically chosen for conservation projects by other trusted specialists, such as conservation surveyors, conservation officers, planning officers and conservation organisations.
A passion for timber
We have a deep understanding of oak frames, of the material and their construction, that’s based on age-old techniques, respect and a genuine love for what we do.