The construction of the crossbow would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work shown by you and your team; we very much appreciate the commitment you have all shown over the past six months.

Kate Mayne, ITN

Our skills

 Not only does Carpenter Oak & Woodland’s team include some of the UK’s leading conservation experts, many of our carpenters are also highly experienced timber conservationists.


conservation oak frame barnBreadth of knowledge

One of the great advantages we can bring to a conservation project is the sheer breadth of our knowledge in conservation. Our skills and knowledge ensure we make the most appropriate repair, now, this may mean that it would be more aesthetically pleasing to remove the timber but due to its historical significance we would use other methods to repair. Or, due to the historical significance of the timber all repairs may need to be reversible to retain the maximum amount of historical fabric. Either way we have the knowledge and skills to do so which is highly relevant when exploring the best options for oak-frame conservation.

conservation oak frame barnTimber frame conservation surveys

Much of the value we can bring to a project is within an initial conservation survey. This is an in-depth examination of the building and its fabric, gathering an understanding of the building’s history, working with others to understand their goals and challenges – and then offering expert guidance on the best way to approach every aspect of the conservation project.

conservation doldelydr dinning roomExpert advice and help

Conservation projects are filled with ‘what ifs’. What’s the best way to do this? What alternatives are there? Which is most honest? Which is least visible? We’re here to help with those, as much as we are with the actual conservation work itself. Our expertise is trusted by experts, conservation bodies and other conservation professionals.

carpenter on roofIndustry Training

Our experience stretches back thirty years and is widely acknowledged to lead the industry. These aren’t just empty words – our CPD programme has been responsible for training many others within the industry; some have learned almost all they know from us. Our founder Charley Brentnall lectures on oak-frame conservation as a recognised expert in conservation, Charley is a visiting lecturer at the universities of Bath and York. Piers Sweetingham, our conservation project manager, has a master’s degree in conservation.